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Oxidation of fats and oils (rancidity) is a natural reaction that occurs when unsaturated fatty acids are exposed to free oxygen. Antioxidants could therefore be added to animal feeds to prevent oxidation. During the reaction between unsaturated fatty acids and free oxygen, a peroxy radical is formed when the triglyceride free radical reacts with an oxygen molecule. The peroxy radical then reacts with another triglyceride, forming hydroperoxides, which are very unstable and break down into a number of secondary products such as aldehydes and alcohols, which contribute to the unpleasant flavours associated with rancid fats. They may also form other polymers that are unavailable and therefore reduce the energy content of the fat and are capable of affecting the absorption of, or even destroying, fat-soluble vitamins. Currently, there are no reliable standards for measuring the level of rancidity of fats, but it is generally accepted that fats with a peroxide value...