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Bioavailable Phosphorus Releasing Efficacy of Escherichia coli and Aspergillus Derived Phytases in Broiler Chick DietCarmencita D. Mateo, DVM, MS, PhD* and Mylen S. Billena, BSChem, MSc, PhD Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster, College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna 4031, PhilippinesABSTRACT A broiler chick trial investigated the phosphorus (P) releasing efficacy of phytases derived from Eschericia coli (ECP) and Aspergillus niger, a fungus (FP) when added to a corn-soybean meal diet with no supplemental inorganic P (iP). Four graded levels of iP were added to the basal diet to construct a standard curve from which available Prelease could be calculated for the phytase treatment.In all cases, phytase supplementation levels were based on an assessment of phytase premix activity. One phytase unit (FTU) is defined as the amount of enzyme required to release 1 μmol of iP per min from 5.1 mM sodium phytate at 37°C and pH 5.5. Weight gain, weight and percentage of tibia bone ash increased...