About - Arya Behdad Feedar
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Feedar group was established in 2013 by an experienced team serving for many years in the feed additives industry. It aims to contribute to the profitability of its customers by cooperating with innovative and globally trusted partners that are experienced in their fields, specialized in health and nutrition, using advanced technology.

Our products are addressed to broiler, laying hens and ruminant production such as amino acids (DL Methionine, L Lysine), probiotics(GalliPro), enzymes, fatty powder and many more. Feeder group feed additives portfolio continues to expand parallel to the needs of the market.

We closely follow new developments in the animal nutrition sector in a global sense, share valuable information with customers and contribute to the increase of their knowledge. As a Professional partnership with our suppliers, we offer the technical experience and opportunities to the Iran animal nutrition market as well as our customers.